Do I need Will Based or Trust Based Estate Planning?

There are two basic kinds of estate plans – a Will Based Estate Plan and a Trust Based Estate Plan. Whether your objectives are best served by one or the other is frequently determined within our first discussion.

Approximately half of our clients can carry out their last wishes using a Will Based Estate Plan - this common, straightforward and simple approach provides the needs for many clients, and you can review our transparent and affordable pricing below.

For reasons of privacy, tax concerns or to protect certain family members, many of our clients prefer a Trust Based Estate Plan. A Trust based Estate Plan typically includes one or more Revocable Living Trusts which provide increased flexibility in the timing of distributions, increased privacy and added creditor protection for certain beneficiaries. The cost of our Trust Based Estate Plans range from $2,000.00 to $4,000.00 with the typical Trust Based Plan costing approximately $3,000.00. We can help you determine which kind of plan works best for you.

Our office makes every effort to individually price each estate plan, but the pricing list above acts as a standard for us in quoting fees. Some variation may occur where unusual estate planning needs have to be addressed. At the time of consultation, you will be provided with an exact quote for services and an explanation of how we arrived at that price.

Pricing for Will Based Estate Plans

Estate Planning Package for Individual

Includes, Last Will and Testament*, Durable Power of Attorney,

HealthCare Power of Attorney, Living Will and Cremation/Burial Instruction


Estate Planning Package for a Married Couple


Includes for each spouse, Last Will and Testament*, Durable

Power of Attorney, HealthCare Power of Attorney, Living Will and Cremation/Burial Instruction

Individual Documents

 Last Will and Testament* for Individual $550.00 
 Last Will and Testament* for a Married Couple $750.00
 Durable Power of Attorney for Individual  $250.00
 Durable Power of Attorney for a Married Couple $350.00 
 HealthCare Power of Attorney for Individual  $250.00
HealthCare Power of Attorney for a Married Couple   $350.00
 Living Will for Individual  $250.00
 Living Will for a Married Couple  $350.00
 Cremation/Burial Instructions for Individual  $65.00
 Cremation/Burial Instructions for Married Couple  $95.00

*The stated price covers most standard Wills, however for additional complex provisions there is an additional cost per complex provision. A Testamentary trust for minor beneficiaries is an additional cost of $100.00.

How does Estate Planning Work?

We have found most people have certain common estate planning needs.

For that reason, for our Richmond and Louisa clients, we will often compile the necessary documents and offer a flat fee for the entire package.

These packages are meant to address the needs of the majority but leave a lot of room for accommodating varied family situations. Once we assess your needs, we’ll direct you to the solution that best fits your situation.

Typically, a package of documents that provide the fundamentals of basic estate planning will serve the needs of a majority of our clients. This basic package often includes a Virginia Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, and Living Will.

The needs of our clients vary, so you are free to pick and choose from this package as you wish. We will review all your options with you so you can make an informed decision about your needs. Once you have made a selection, we will draft the necessary documents and set a time and place to execute.

You may also need additional documents, such as deeds, special purpose trusts, vacation home management plans, or other custom estate planning tools. Those fees are quoted at the time of consultation and are based on the expertise involved and the time we expect to spend on the matter.

Flexible Appointments and Locations to Get Your Important Documents Completed

Es Many of our clients have full time jobs, child care restrictions, and other responsibilities impacting their ability to get to our office during a law firm’s traditional hours of operation. For that reason, we offer evening and weekend hours by appointment. For clients convenience we offer mobile visits - we can come to your home, your business, or your hospital bed if need be to consult and to execute documents. When you call, just let our team know what your needs are.

We move mountains to accommodate our clients.

Estate Planning Documents We Regularly Draft Include:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Durable General Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Directive for a Natural Death (“Living Will”)
  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Pour over Will
  • Irrevocable Trust
  • Stand Alone Retirement Trust
  • Family Farm Agreement
  • Vacation Home Agreement (shared use)
  • Gun Trust

Individualized Estate Planning

While we do package estate planning documents for a lot of our clients and charge one reasonable flat fee for the drafting of all the documents at one time, our attorneys understand that people have unique situations that do not neatly fit into our packages and require more specific plans. For example, we regularly draft Virginia Revocable Living Trusts for our clients after full discussion of the benefits and detriments of such an addition to the estate planning package, as well as testamentary trusts to our Wills to handle children receiving assets under a Will. We can help with individualized Virginia estate plans, including Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, and other documents that assist with individualized needs for our Virginia clients.

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At Virginia Wills and Probate, PLC, you can select any or all of the documents in a Virginia estate planning package or receive individualized planning. If you’d like to inquire about an estate planning package or another document, contact us today.

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